About me

Musician, Web Developer & Farmer

It may sound like I am just having a mid-life crisis (and maybe I am!) but really, these are just the things that make me tick.

In 2016 I sold a profitable web development business (OnCouRSS Media Solutions) which I founded and ran for ten years. I had large clients in tourism & real estate and smaller clients in business & the arts, they all stayed with me for one reason – customer service.

After selling my business I took the opportunity to travel and to focus on making music – which led me to a two-year stint working in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Now that is a place that I think every Canadian should visit!

With the way the world is changing I am now back building websites and helping people to manage their online presence be it with video, audio, social media or websites and I am really enjoying how much technology has evolved since I took a step away!

I have a full turn-key audio production studio and video production suite which I love using so hit me up! 

Oh yeah, and my partner and I started an organic haskap orchard on PEI’s north shore so that’s fun!

Have questions? Want to know more about Iqaluit? Hit me up, I love a good chat .  😎

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